Chicago diaries – St. Patricks Day

Travelling from Michigan, by the time we reached Chicago on Friday night, the city had almost gone to sleep. Odd for  a Friday night, streets were deserted, restaurants were empty.

The following day, Saturday was going to be St. Patrick’s day celebrations. An Irish festival , the day is celebrated worldwide for its cultural and religious reasons. Commemorating the death of Irish saint St. Patrick and represents the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. In Chicago itself, the festival is particularly special because the river is dyed green, and true to the occasion, the entire city is out and celebrating with drinks throughout the day.

What else is special? There’s usually a parade that goes along with it . (Make sure the parade goes through the location you are standing at. ) And feast to the eyes is the array of bizzare green attire everyone has going. Whether the man with the oddly green-everywhere suit or the guys dancing with a monkey stripped to their waists in a pub, quite the spectacle.

Now, to ensure one gets a watch the actual dyeing of the river, take it easy that Friday. Cause by six-seven am on Saturday, one can see dozens of people getting of large tourist buses. It was just seven am, and I could from the seventh floor of the Hilton Garden Inn everyone arrivingw.

Now it’s said that one must not miss the actual dyeing of the river. But for what it’s worth, the breakfast spread at the Hilton was exceptionally good. So between food, and walking a mile to see the river, everyone opted for the former.

What next? Loong lines outside every bar and pub, it took us more than an hour before we could get into one. The excitement however, is worth witnessing. Loved it. P.s carry a drink holder around, it makes everything easier.

We went to a very interesting place amidst a whole of bar-hopping. Called Three dots and a dash, I was pretty wiped out. But the drinks here were quite the rage. While the neighboring table got themselves what smelled like Amaaazing chicken, we satiated ourselves with healthy stuff 😉


Go green, guys.